The miracle of Rosa Mystica in Kerala, India

My dear brothers and sisters,

I would like to share with you a great miracle that happened in Erumali, Kotayam District, Kerala, in the southern part of India. This Rosa Mistica miracle, which lasted for a few days, happened in a Christian family on 17th March 2006.  The couple Sojan and Salomi has four children.  Salomi, the wife, suffering from brain sickness, had gone for several treatments but it was to no avail. Their youngest child Elvin had lost his eyesight in one eye at the early age of a year and a half.  Thanks to the Rosa Mistica miracle, the mother as well as the child was healed. The mother received a gradual healing and the child’s eyesight was restored. In the house of this family, three pictures of the Rosa Mistica miraculously started weeping blood, one after the other. One statue of the Rosa Mistica produced oil, honey, and milk too. Many people experienced these miracles. The parish priest, guest priests, and an enormous number of people witnessed these miracles. One of the pictures was enthroned in the parish church by the bishop’s order.

A month before the miracle happened, a beautiful old lady unexpectedly visited this house.  She asked the wife, Salomi: “Are you not feeling well?”, and asked her for a glass of water to drink. When Salomi went to the kitchen to fetch some water, she came back only to find out that this lady had disappeared into nothingness.  She could not see her anywhere but a very fragrant smell was left in the house.  This smell comes each time the family prays.

A month later, Elvin, who was blind in one eye, saw the blood coming from the eyes of the picture of the Rosa Mistica, he took some blood, wiped his blind eye with it and he could see from both eyes. The child quickly fetched his mother and she also experienced a gradual healing from her brain sickness.  That time the father, Sajon, was at the market.  They called him over the phone.  When he came home, he also saw the blood coming from the eyes of the picture of the Rosa Mistica.  Soon he informed the parish priest.  On that same day, many people were coming and witnessing the miracle.  Because of the crowd in the house, the parish priest relayed this event to the bishop, Bp. Matthew Arackel.  The bishop told him to take this picture to the parish church.  In a procession, they brought this Rosa Mistica picture to the parish and handed it over to the parish priest.

They took a sample of blood from the picture for a blood test.  The doctor examined it and gave the following result: ‘It is human blood – type A positive’.  The family was in deep sorrow because of the absence of the picture.  They went to the priest Fr. Joy who had originally given the picture to them. He gave them another picture of the Rosa Mistica and told the family to pray to Mother Mary and she would help them for the rest of their life.  After a few days, a great smell was coming from the picture while the family was praying and this picture was also shedding blood.  The family told Fr. Joy about the incident and Fr. Joy asked them for the picture for him and replaced it with another one of the same kind.  After a week, the third picture also started weeping blood.  Someone from Germany sent a statue of the Rosa Mistica to this family.  Again, the miracle happened.  The statue began to produce a sweet-smelling scent of jasmine, oil, honey, and milk.

This is Mother Mary’s great message for us.  People who have more faith in God and repent their sins receive the graces.  Every Sunday there is a healing mass and special adoration in the parish church where the first picture is currently situated.  The house, where the miracle happened, is now like a prayer center where many priests, nuns, and believers are coming for praying. You can see this miracle by visiting the website below.  God Bless You.


Pater Joseph Vadakkel


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