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Talks by Father Joseph at a conference in Slovakia

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Video of the Holy Mass of Auxiliary Bishop de Jong at the opening ceremony of adoration in Smakt on 24 July 2011

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New Polish Webpage

C Letter from the Vaticat with the apostolic blessing for downloading as pdf
Father Joseph's second book "Jesus - deine eucharistische Flamme" (Jesus - your Eucharistic Flame) has been published in German by the Miriam-Verlag and has been available from the beginning of September.


If anyone from any country wishes P.Joseph Vadakkel(Sabu Sebastian) lead the Eucharistic Flame retreat and healing sessions, please email:


The Bishop of Philippines gave his
Permission to have a Eucharistic Flame Evangelisation Center in Philippines.

Letter of the Bishop in English


A few weeks ago, Father Joseph started his 1-hour live programme at the Catholic TV station “Divine Mercy TV” from the Philippines. Every Sunday, he talks about a topic chosen by him in front of the Blessed Sacrament in a little chapel belonging to the TV channel. Some viewers have already experienced healings.

This Live programme „Eucharistic Flame“ can also be received via Internet and JumpTV. It is broadcast in English every Sunday at 5 p.m. (local time in the Philippines). However, the Divine Mercy channel is financed by donations and to receive this channel you will need to subscribe to a monthly payment of
$ 9.95, or for three months $ 19.95. Here, we would like to point out that the subscription fees go directly and completely to the Divine Mercy Channel and not to Father Joseph.

If you are interested, you can subscribe in the following way:

1. Call up the website:

2. Click on the field: Subscribe Now!

3. Now you will be guided through the subscription process.



Father Joseph is appointed as the Director of Eucharistic Flame Evangelization in Europe and other countries.

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C New Web-Page!
Under a new Web-page was created in which Father Joseph is writing specially for families. So please have a look!!!
C Article of Pater Joseph

We are looking for translators for this web-page. Who does like to help please contact us


Since last September Pater Joseph asked us to start prayer groups, which should pray for the different issues of the world and church. Since then many prayer groups started, which meet together every Friday evening at 7 p.m., to pray together and for each other.

In order to give more people the possibility to join such prayer meetings, we kindly ask you to inform us, where they can find these prayer groups. This prayer group would be published (on request) on this web-page, to increase the groups and to give us the joy to experience the increase.

Would you like to visit one of these prayer groups "Eucharistic Flame"?
Under Prayer Meeting - Addresses you may find all registered groups with all contact dates.

C All actual Medjugorje-Messages you may find here: Medjugorje-Message