Good Friday Speech

3rd Word: “Son Behold thy Mother, Mother Behold thy Son.”

by: Fr. Joseph Vadakkel

Minor Basilica of San Lorenzo Ruiz, Binondo, Manila April 6, 2007, Good Friday at 1:40 p.m.


My dear brothers and sisters in Christ:
We are all meditating and reflecting about the seven last words of Jesus. We are meditating the wonderful love and care of Jesus on this day. Today morning, I was praying in my little chapel. The Holy Spirit gave one, new insight - new way for the people who are listening on this Church. Why we are calling this day a Good Friday? It is because Jesus is doing something good for us. Then the inspiration came in my mind very soon. The word GOD which spells G – O – D and GOOD as G – O – O – D. So then I felt Jesus and Mother Mary had their share of pain. They put them near to God. Good! In our life, we have loads sorrows, numerous negative experiences. If we have negative experience, we put it near to God then it become good. My dear brothers and sisters, Mother Mary is our loving mother. Mother Mary is always caring for us and always helping us. In my personal experience, in my family in India, everyday in the evening Papa and Mama is praying. Because of this devotion of my parents, Mother Mary helps us. I became a priest and have one sister who is a nun and she also took her doctoral studies in Rome. Jesus, before leaving this earth, gave a gift to us. During the time of gift giving, both the giver and the receiver of the gift have a striking feeling. If we received a beautifully wrapped gift, very soon we will open it and usually we will be pleased of it. Jesus gave us a beautiful gift before He left. That is His own beautiful Mother – our Mother Mary. “Son behold thy Mother.” Mother Mary is the Queen of the World. If Mother Mary is the Queen of the World, I am a prince or princes. Mother Mary teach us how to stand near the Cross. Mother Mary walked not by sight but by faith. In our life journey, Mother Mary is always with us. When I became a priest, I prayed: “Jesus, with the help of Your Mother, I wish to visit Israel. I want to visit there for free. Then what happened? After one month of prayer, one prayer group leader came to me and said: “Father, we are going to Israel, would you like to go with us? We can take ticket for you.” Then I went to Israel without any money from me. Praise the Lord! Then all the places which Mama Mary appeared I listed into a piece of paper. All these places Lourdes, Fatima, Amsterdam, Medugorje, Israel I was able to visit because of Mama Mary. When the angel Gabriel came to Mama Mary and said that she will conceive a baby, Mary did not ask why. We have to reflect. I understand why. If on that day Mary asked why and she got angry, then no more gift of Jesus for us. As a human, we always want joy and happiness. When some difficult situation comes, the happiness is blocked. But it did not happened to Mama Mary. She humbly accepted without complain what the angel had told her. There will be an answer to the question WHY. W-word of God, H-Holy Spirit, and Y-for you. God has a wonderful plan in our life. Mother Mary believed that God will do good for her. A far reaching eye sight. When a person become more near to God, his eye become clearer, more farsighted concerning the future. Mary has deep eyesight. Only by the help of the Holy Spirit we can have a deep, and far eyesight. Even though we have problems, we are in the middle of God’s love. Maybe we have 100 reasons for crying but Jesus already give thousand reasons for laughing. This Good Friday, we can ask for the blessing and grace of a good eyesight from Mary, our Mother, Queen of the World and the only beautiful gift Jesus had given us before He leave the earth.