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Book " Jesus wischt deine Tränen ab"

Broschiert - Miriam-Verlag
Erscheinungsdatum: 2003
ISBN: 3874493156

Kraftvolle Heilungsexerzitien. Die Macht des Gotteswortes, die Gegenwart Jesu und die Eucharistie sind die Schlüssel, mit denen schwere Situationen verwandelt werden können. P. Joseph zeigt, dass jeder von uns zum Herzensgebet, zu starkem Glauben und zur Vergebung gelangen kann.


Extract of: "Jesus wischt deine Tränen ab"

Prayer for inner healing

Lord Jesus, we thank you for your loving presence and for your readiness to touch us, to set us free and to heal us. We invite you to come into our life from the time of our conception till today. Lord Jesus, we believe in our heart that you touch and heal us. In this faith we want to thank you and to praise you for the wonderful experiences of touching, deliverance and healing. Jesus, we thank you; Jesus, we praise you; Jesus, we glorify you; Jesus, we adore you; Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. Lord Jesus, nothing is impossible to you, have mercy on us, have pity on us, send your power, send your healing. Thank you Jesus, praise to you Jesus, glory to you Jesus, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.

Close your eyes and see Jesus standing before you. Mary, Lazarus’ sister, told Jesus, ‘Come and see, Lord,’ behave like Mary and tell him, ‘Come Lord Jesus, come into my life, go with me through my life and see what happened in my life. Maybe you suffer from sadness, fear and anxieties. Surrender all these feelings to Jesus and he will create you a new heart and a new mind. Life with Jesus is joyful and fearless. When Jesus is with you whom should you fear? You are a child of God and God tells you through the prophet Isaiah, ‘Do not be afraid, I have called you by your name, you are mine. Should you pass through the waters, I shall be with you. Should you walk through fire, you will not suffer and the flame will not burn you.’  Perhaps you suffer from inferiority complexes. You need not feel inferior to others for you are very precious for Jesus. He loves you and accepts you as you are. Why should you then compare yourself to others and feel inferior? Ask Jesus to take away everything that causes inferiority complexes in you. Do not create inferiority complexes in others by speaking ill of them or by showing them their weaknesses and failures. Perhaps anger, wrath, hatred, irreconcilability are in you. Because of these emotions you are without joy and peace and you fell ill. Do not look at others, try to keep your inner peace. Maybe others have spread lies about you, they have criticised and judged you and you are scandalized. Understand that the most important thing is to please God and that it is unimportant what others think and tell about you. Give all the situations and people that have caused in you such emotions to Jesus and ask him to heal you. Maybe you feel guilty because you have done something wrong, you have forgotten to do something or you have omitted something and because of your inappropriate behaviour something unforeseen happened and you think you are responsible for it. You have the impression if you had reacted differently, this or that would not have occurred. Do not feel guilty, everything is in God’s hand and he has a plan. Tell Jesus what happened and why you feel guilty and ask him to set you free from it.  

Lord Jesus, I invite you now to go back with me to the time I was in the womb of my mother. Lord, if something has touched me which affects my life still today, I ask you now to heal me from it. Lord, I thank you and I praise you for your touching and for your healing.

Go further with Jesus to your birthplace. Jesus is there waiting for your birth. Thank you Jesus for your presence at the moment of my birth. Thank you for receiving me in your arms, for welcoming me in this world and for giving me the guarantee that you never leave me alone. See your mother and the doctor and nurses assisting your mother. Whatever may have happened in this situation, do not hate anybody. Forgive everybody and ask Jesus to save them as well. Ask Jesus to heal you from all kinds of wounds caused by your birth by the carelessness of the doctor and the nurses.

Go with Jesus through your childhood. Perhaps you did not get the right love of your father or your mother and you suffered from it. Do not hate your parents, perhaps because of problems or of difficult circumstances they were not capable of showing you love. Simply forgive them and speak like Jesus, ‘Father forgive them for they knew not what they did.’    Jesus, I now invite you to come into my schooldays and my youth. Lord, heal the wounds caused by misunderstandings, by encounters with others which led to the fact that I withdrew from people or built barriers towards my fellowmen. Lord Jesus, come into the moments when I felt alone and rejected by others. Show Jesus the concrete situations and people that caused you trouble. Do not be angry and do not hate anybody, but surrender everything to Jesus and ask him to heal your inner wounds Show Jesus your teachers, especially those with whom you had problems. Forgive them if they have treated you unjustly, maybe they did it involuntarily. Ask Jesus to bless them and to save them. Show Jesus your class mates, those you liked, those you disliked and those who did unjust things to you because of envy, jealousy, rivalry or other reasons. Tell Jesus whatever you remember or what distresses you right now. Maybe you have been misused, raped, your boyfriend/girlfriend betrayed you or you have watched pornography and you have committed sexual sins and now when you think of all this you feel sorry. Entrust Jesus what happened, your thoughts and your feelings, tell Jesus whatever you remember or what disturbs you right now. Show Jesus also your bad friends, bad circumstances that lead you to sin or to bad habits. Maybe you started smoking and drinking and step by step it became a bad habit and it enslaved you. You cannot stop it anymore and you are helpless. Bring your cigarettes and your alcohol before Jesus and show him your will to stop with these things. Jesus will set you free and will give you the power not to fall back into this bad habit again. Perhaps you have the bad habit of masturbation, of fornication or of committing adultery. Surrender all this to Jesus and believe that Jesus will deliver and heal you. Maybe you are married. Tell Jesus what happened, your joy, your happiness, but also your problems and your sufferings. Show him the problems with your parents, parents-in-law and your relatives. Show him the difficulties in your marriage, difficulties with your husband/wife, your children and your financial problems. Entrust Jesus all your sorrow, worries and inner wounds and thank him for his love and his healings.

Maybe you are a priest or a religious. Tell Jesus everything that happened from the time of your decision to give your life to him till today. Show him all people who have accompanied you on your way, those who have brought you joy but also those who have disappointed you and have caused you sorrow.   

Lord Jesus, I surrender my soul, my mind and my heart to you. With your precious blood wash my conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind, my imagination and will. With your precious blood wash my memory and my heart. Lord, I thank you and I praise you for everything that you have done for me.

In the name of the Father and the Sun and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Praise the Lord! Halleluja!


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